Giving transforms.

We believe that the act of giving strengthens democracy, social justice and solidarity. It’s more than a gesture of generosity during an emergency: it’s an act of citizenship, as fundamental as voting. Something simple, powerful and necessary, that could and should be done by all of us.

Giving is also a tool for connecting people and brands around a purpose and leverage causes and businesses that benefit society as a whole. This is what we do at MOL Group: we work to build a nation of givers, where everyone sees the act of giving as a tool to transform reality.

Our initiatives have already mobilized more than R$ 50,000,000
in donations
for more than 120 organizations all over Brazil.

how we work

We are an ecosystem of organizations dedicated to the acceleration and improvement of giving culture in Brazil.
We act in three transversal fields:

Giving at

In partnership with engaged networks, we develop social products that use the power of retail to influence behaviors, raise donations and generate systemic changes on a large scale.

Giving at

for brands

We support businesses in the process of choosing their causes, designing impactful strategies and communicating metrics and stories with full transparency. We create experiences of content with purpose.

for brands


In order for Brazil to become a nation of givers, the act of giving has to become an act of citizenship. We create content, organize events and develop campaigns to encourage more and better giving.


our ecosystem

Meet some of our initiatives:

Editora MOL is the world’s largest social impact publishing house. We create affordable products filled with positive content that donate their proceeds to NGOs that act on big causes. Sold in partnership with the largest retailers in Brazil, our books, magazines, calendars, tabletop games and many others products break records in sales, democratize access to reading, bring purpose to employees and generate millions in donations for NGOs.

We support companies in the creation of social impact strategies, monitoring beneficiary NGOs and communicating results, from metrics to stories. We offer support in the choice of causes, organize public notices, develop social products, engage employees, build platforms of transparency – and whatever else is necessary to transform the brand’s purpose into real impact.

At MOL Group’s social branch, we work to strengthen giving culture in Brazil. We create content in multiple platforms to raise awareness, engage and inspire givers of all sizes and from all causes. We connect citizens, social organizations and brands in events, campaigns and projects that encourage more and better giving.

Varejo com Causa (in English, Retailer with a Cause) is an original platform launched in 2021 with the purpose of encouraging giving culture in Brazilian retail. It is the first national research to map, investigate and analyze consumer giving at checkout. The website presents successful stories, solutions and a library with specific content for retailers of any size and segment that wish to give back to their communities.

Atualmente em sua 2ª edição, o Guia MOL de Produtos Sociais apresenta uma seleção de 60 produtos comercializados em 2022 no Brasil, enfocando suas práticas de comunicação e transparência e classificando-os em um ranking de 1 a 5 estrelas. Quer ver sua marca representada na próxima edição do guia? Escreva pra gente!

Aqui você acompanha os valores auditados de todas as doações feitas pela MOL em parceria com uma comunidade de grandes empresas brasileiras que estão fazendo a diferença. Na Central de Impacto você também pode conhecer melhor as organizações sociais beneficiadas por nossos projetos e descobrir histórias emocionantes de quem foi impactado pelo nosso trabalho!


our leadership

The MOL Group is led by social entrepreneurs Artur Louback, Roberta Faria and Rodrigo Pipponzi, who act side by side with hundreds of associates and workers in each business front.

With more than 15 years of experience in the innovation of business models, content creation, product development, retail operations and NGOs, the trio gathers complementary abilities to deliver large scale results, deep engagement and significant social impact.

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a journalist a citizen a consumer an innovator a businessperson an NGO an advertiser from ESG a reader an entrepreneur from marketing an influencer an activist
let’s build a nation of givers together!

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